Listed here are the websites of fine arts professional members of The Cliff Dwellers or the sites to which they are affiliated. Separately, there are listings for other organizations serving the fine arts and performing arts. Also, e-mail and website addresses for Reciprocal Clubs are included in the directory on that page within this site. Fine arts professional members wishing to add or remove their website listing should send an e-mail request to

William J. Bowe, CD ’97 is a past President of the Club.  In The Cliff Dwellers section of Bill’s website you’ll find many galleries filled with photos taken at the Club over the years, as well as a videos capturing much of the Club’s recent programming.

Edward E. Gordon, CD ’00 is a professional writer specializing in the subjects of business, economics, history, and education. His 17 books and more than 300 articles cover such diverse topics as the global outlook on jobs and employment, literacy, and tutoring.

Lawrence Okrent, author of: Chicago From the Sky: A Region Transformed
During the most recent 25 years of its history, Chicago has undergone unprecedented change:  Millennium Park, Navy Pier, the Museum Campus, airport expansion—and a surprising list of public and private development projects too numerous to recount in a short paragraph.  A pictorial, annotated record of this astonishing story is presented in Chicago From the Sky: A Region Transformed, by the noted photographer and urban historian, Lawrence Okrent.  In the course of his 43-year career as an urban planning and zoning consultant at his firm Okrent Associates, Inc., Mr. Okrent has had direct professional involvement in many of the projects documented in his book, offering a personal perspective on the extraordinary achievements of this remarkable period.  Now in its second printing, Chicago From the Sky: A Region Transformed is a must-have for every Chicago-themed library.

The Artists Bluebook contains extensive information on 25,000 American artists.

The Caxton Club is an organization of authors, binders, collectors, conservators, dealers, designers, editors, librarians, publishers, and scholars who share a common interest in the arts pertaining to the production of books.

The Chicago Literary Club meets at The Cliff Dwellers on Monday evenings from October through May; several members belong to both clubs.

The Fine Arts Building in Chicago (a few blocks south of The Cliff Dwellers) has been home to the performing and classic arts for more than a century. It was here that the concept for our club was discussed and approved. An “open studios” visitation occurs the second Friday of each month.

The Newberry Library maintains the official archives of Cliff Dwellers club documents.

West Salem, Wisconsinis the location of Hamlin Garland’s home. Garland, a principal founder of The Cliff Dwellers, was born there and established a summer residence in his later years in the Garland Homestead , now maintained by the West Salem Historical Society. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.