Ruth Aizuss Migdal is a first generation American. She was born in a Jewish immigrant neighborhood on Chicago’s Westside where education and culture were highly valued. She took great advantage of all the cultural opportunities available there. Ruth became the sculpture curator for Cliff Dwellers in January 2013.

Her education includes a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a MFA from the University of Illinois in Champaign, both in Painting and Printmaking. As she turned to sculpture, her classical education enabled her to master a variety of materials. Ruth’s paintings and wood sculptures were abstract until 1971 when she began exploring the female figure. Ruth now works in bronze and steel, creating large abstracted figurative sculptures.

From our sculpture curator

Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Heart by Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Ruth has made a long-term loan to Cliff Dwellers of her sculpture “Heart,” located on Cliff Dwellers’ deck (pictured above). “Heart” is a bronze 56″ x 25″ x 25″ cast, assembled with thirty separate sections; patinated blue, dated 2003.

Radiate by Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Ruth’s latest bronze sculpture called “Radiate” (shown above) is influenced by what she learned in making public sculptures.  She found herself freer and taking more chances. She likes the bronze to shine brightly. The size and complexity of “Radiate” made wire brushing impractical, so she decided to use gold leaf. This brightened the bronze.  Ruth placed gold leaf in the prominent areas to highlight the sculpture. She has also added gold leaf to her small bronze sculptures.

Ruth describes her sculptures as brazen and bold with frivolity.  Her current body of public sculpture continues in the direction of the red dancing lady. These powerful female dancers exemplify their free spirit, joyfulness and perseverance. The large dancing figures express independence, strength and a lust for life. “Whirling Dervish”, and “Here” are prime examples of her red dancing figures – currently located at Douglas Park and Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

Flamenco by Ruth Aizuss Migdal
Ruth Aizuss Migdal

The Greatest View in Town

Tom Rossiter

These photos taken were from the Cliff by Tom Rossiter on 2/4/15.