Artists in Residence Program


Matthew Brdlik


Allie Chantel


Gustavo Cortiñas Fouilloux


Caitlin Edwards


Katie Ernst


Daniel Larson


Harry McSteen


Eric Rejman


Michael Takashi Shallow

Visual Arts

Will Schneider


Kia S. Smith


David Stobbe


Thaddeus Tukes


Alexandra B. White


Saudia Davis (Senior Artist-in-Residence)


It was in the year 2000 that The Cliff Dwellers initiated its Artists-in-Residence Program. The purpose of this program is to facilitate meaningful artistic dialogue between younger members of Chicago’s arts community and the membership of The Cliff Dwellers, as well as introducing these individuals to one of Chicago’s historic arts organizations. The Artists-in-Residence Program Selection Committee invites club members to nominate qualified applicants for the program. (The required form can be downloaded from this site during the announced nomination period.)

Individuals between the ages of 24 and 38 who are working professionals in one of the following artistic categories will be considered: Architecture, Time Arts (including film, video, and sound), Graphic Arts, Criticism, Curatorial Practice, Dance, Graphic Arts, Literature, Music, Painting, Photography, Poetry, Theater, and Sculpture. Full-time undergraduate students are not eligible to apply.

Individuals selected for this program will be granted a one-year, dues-free guest membership in The Cliff Dwellers. Resident artists will have full privileges for the length of the program in exchange for agreeing to present one lecture or performance, attend at least five others over the course of the year, and display support for the club’s activities. Participants will also be honored at a recognition dinner at the end of the year’s residency. The Artists-in-Residence programs will be open and promoted to the membership of The Cliff Dwellers.

Membership in a private club is an increasingly difficult expense to justify, particularly for those younger individuals pursuing a career in the arts. Yet, for a club dedicated to furthering the arts, a steady influx of new, younger artists is the key to fulfilling some of our objectives. This program was developed to allow its participants to exchange ideas with others in the program and the membership of the club. In so doing, it is hoped that the participants will recognize the value of the club, both as a meeting place for artists and those with a serious interest in the arts, as well as a valuable cultural institution