The Cliff Dwellers: The History of a Chicago Institution by Henry Regnery

More About the Club’s Rich History and Notable Members:

Members of The Club have included some of the world’s most famous architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan and Daniel Burnham, and in recent years architects involved in the newest super-tall buildings around the world.   Writers as varied as Carl Sandburg, James Whitcomb Reilly, George Ade, Booth Tarkington and Roger Ebert have all been members, as have sculptors such as Laredo Taft and Richard Hunt, and members of the Chicago Symphony and the Lyric Opera.   Senator Adlai Stevenson III was a member.   Past presidents of The Cliff Dwellers include such figures as Charles Hutchinson, a founder and the first president of the Art Institute, William Goodman, founder of the Goodman Theater, publisher Henry Regnery, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Leo Sowerby, and Carter Harrison, five-time mayor of Chicago.  The Club includes not only individuals working in the arts but also arts enthusiasts from many fields ranging from lawyers to businessmen to sub-atomic-particle physicists to a maker of guitars for the Beatles.