Soprano, Sharon Harms

The composer Charles Ives, whom Leonard Bernstein called America’s “Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson of music,” became known as one of the best part-time composers in history.

He was America’s first true modernist composer, and achieved this status by embracing all he knew about American music, classical and popular. His style could loosely be called “collage composing,” a layering of complex harmonies and rhythms to evoke the multiplicity of American life and thought.

Greenberg and Harms will trace a journey which takes the listener through the anti-war song Tom Sails Away, to the joy of nature evoked in The Rainbow, and the nostalgic lullaby Songs My Mother Taught Me.

Jacob Greenberg’s work as a soloist and chamber musician has received worldwide acclaim. A longtime member of the International Contemporary Ensemble, he has performed throughout the Americas and Europe.

Praised as “superb,” “luscious-toned,” “extraordinarily precise and expressive,” and “dramatically committed and not averse to risk” by the New York Times, Sharon Harms is known for fearless performances and passionate interpretations of works new and old.