Architecture critic, Lee Bey

Lee Bey is the influential architecture critic (and a member of the Editorial Board) at the Chicago Sun-Times. He also an accomplished photographer, author, and lecturer.

Born in Chicago, Bey’s early passion for architecture and journalism grew to produce an expert on urban design, a storyteller of our architectural history, and a fierce advocate for the preservation of significant city landmarks. In his highly-acclaimed book, Southern Exposure: The Overlooked Architecture of Chicago’s South Side, Bey mixed masterful photography and insightful writing to bring much- needed attention to the rich and unheralded historical treasures situated in this part of our city.

The program included:

  • Barry Butler, Sometimes called Chicago’s picture poet
  • Blair Kamin, Pulitzer Prize-winning former Chicago Tribune architecture critic
  • Lesle Honore Poetry Speaks
  • Anita Graef, Artist-In-Residence (’24-’25), Cello