An Ancient Dream, An Epic Poem, and Daring Searches by Intrepid Architects/Archaeologists, Unearth an Architectural Treasure And Solve a Centuries-Old Mystery: a Lecture by Margery al Chalabi

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Join us for an exciting lecture on architecture and archeology.

The story starts with a team of archaeologists from the British Museum returning to a site in Iraq eighty years after its initial excavation by the French.

Those earlier excavations led – eventually – to astonishing finds in both palatial structures and a major library of the world’s first written language – Sumerian – on 100,000 shards of clay.

This latter find precipitated a search for the region’s history and ancient structures – the latter, a search for several temples called The Eninnu.

The search required the archaeologists learn to read a language that had been dead – or altered/modified by generations of conquests and world-wide population movements – over millennia. And, as an unintended consequence, discovered the world’s oldest, most-known, most-revered, most-translated piece of literature – The Epic of Gilgamesh.

5:00 pm – Bar opens; 6:30 pm – Dinner ($40); 7:30 pm – Program

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