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The Cliff Dwellers space is available for events and celebrations.  For more information about using our space please contact Don Santelli at 312.922.8080 or











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  1. My name is Michael Tansey. I am a clinical psychologist in charge of orchestrating the Chicago site for a multi-city town hall event coinciding with the release of a documentary and an edited book entitled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. The national event is organized by Duty to Warn (, a rapidly growing association of alarmed mental health professionals. Our goal is to speak out responsibly and decisively in an effort to educate the public re: Trump’s extreme psychological instability and the attendant risks. The event is 10/14, Saturday, with the specific time to be determined.

    We need seating for a minimum of 250-300 people, but if this is done well, there is simply no limit to the numbers that might wish to attend.

    Panelists include the attorney Colleen Connell, Midwest Director of the ACLU addressing Constitutional questions; Neal Rubin, PhD, a United Nations psychologist providing a global perspective; and psychiatrist Daven Morris, MD, who has co-authored a book on white collar crime. I will also be moderating and presenting, drawing from an eleven-part series I have published on Huffington Post ( examining Trump’s psychological instability.

    The featured segment will be lively and engaged Q&A, allowing the audience to raise questions and receive responses from experts. This is a non-partisan, public service event, focusing on the peril we all face–republicans and democrats alike– with an erratic, impulsive, reckless, and at times delusional president. We will need AV capability to show a 30 minute documentary. Lots more detail, of course, but first order of business is to nail down a venue. Because this is time sensitive, I hope to hear from you whenever you have time with whatever guidance you might be able to provide.

    Many thanks,

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