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The Members Table

The Members Table                                                                                                                                     photo Lawrence Okrent

The Cliff Dwellers Club welcomes those who are involved in the arts and those who appreciate the arts.  When the Club was founded in 1907, its purpose was to serve as a convenient place where individuals in the arts, business, and education could meet in a congenial environment.

Artists involved in literature, painting, music, architecture, sculpture or one of the allied arts as well as non-professionals who appreciate the arts, comprise the two principal classes of membership.

Membership is open to anyone age 25 or over.  New members require a sponsor and co-sponsor.  For details about sponsoring a prospect for membership please see our CD Membership app.

Monthly dues are based on membership classification.  Those under the age of 29 are billed at reduced monthly dues.

The Club also offers a three-month trial membership for a one-time fee of $150.  For details about our three month trial application please see our CD Three Month Membership.

For full details on the benefits and the facilities available to members, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page elsewhere on this site.


AIR Artist in Residence
A Architecture
AA Allied Arts
D Drama
HON Honorary
LIT Literature
M Music
NR Non-Resident
P Painting
PE Professional Educator
S Sculpture
LAY Layman
W Widow/Widower

For further information contact the Club Manager at 312-922-8080 extension 105 or by email