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Jennifer Webster
“Winter Landscapes”
December 13, 2010 – March 12, 2011

The latest exhibit is perfectly matched to the season. These winter landscapes by Jennifer Webster were influenced by her time spent living in Lucerne, Switzerland, and her fascination with bare trees. In a statement by the artist, the paintings “represent separation, longing, and a sublime connection to the unknown. Vacillating between the human condition which never ceases to yearn for the place which we are not (distant horizons), and moments of ‘checking out’ which allow me to go deep within (feeling connected to the sublime), my paintings are full of longing and a bit romantic, yet at the same time neutral, focused on the nothingness found in everything (nature). Like us, they are complete in their fragmentation and whole in their parts.”

Jennifer Webster is both a painter and graphic designer. A member of the club’s Artists-in-Residence program (2004), she has chaired the Cliff Dwellers Arts Committee since 2005.

“Ancestors I”

“Ancestors II”